The links below are there for your edification and education.  We have included them, not because we agree with every jot and tittle of every site, but because they will stimulate you to think more deeply on the word of God and His world in which we live.  Others are for more practical pursuits such as heath and nutrition.  I have arranged things topically.

Bible and Theology

American Vision:  Site of Gary Demar, featuring articles on eschatology and events along with resources for Christian and home schooling.

Covenant Key: Larry and Jen Siegle have started Covenant Key to provide radio programming from various, talented teachers from the fulfilled perspective.

Crosswalk.com: A smorgashborg of treats from articlesand reviews to search engines for Bible studies.

Desiring God Ministries: The ministry site of John Piper.  John has done a great service by making the theology of Jonathan Edwards understandable to today’s readers.

In Plain Site: An interesting site with a kindred desire to see the glory of Christ’s body renewed.

Searching Together: Excellent site with more articles by Jon Zens and others.  Their journal has influenced my thinking profoundly!

Sound of Grace: John Piper’s notes.

Churches & Resources

Frank Viola’s Blog: Check out the musings of home church thinker Frank Viola.

House Church Resource: A site devoted to finding and building up non-traditional, “organic” churches.

JonZens.com: A great source for rare, used and out-of-print books being sold from Jon’s library.

Pagan Christianity: Check out Frank Viola’s and George Barna’s new book Pagan Christianity.

The Rebuilders: Milt Rodriguez in Colorado labors to build organic churces and sends out a newsletter.


Audio Web Man: The source for audio messages by David Curtis of the Berean Bible Church.

Berean Bible Church: A Reformed, independant church with messages by David Curtis.  Also, check out the audio studies if you like to listen rather than read.

Beyond the End Times: A chiefly preterist web site with articles and audio messages by Ken Davies.

Eschatology 101: Jim Wade started a web site to introduce folks to eschatology from a different perspective.

Eschatology.org: Fulfilled eschatology site with articles by Don K. Preston.  Will definitely challenge your views of “the end!”

Jerry Wayne Bernard: Jerry’s web site will certainly provoke you to think!  Sign up for his online Bible study for interaction with hundreds of other folks sharing different perspectives on a varity of topics.

New Creation Ministries: Ward Fenley is exploring the practical implications of fulfilled eschatology.  If all things are fulfilled, then what does it mean for us now?

Planet Preterist: Fun site for exploring fulfilled eschatology with over 2600 articles.  Allows comments on each article from “the peanut gallery.”

Preterist Archives: Good variety from all sides with arguments both for and against all views of eschatology.  Also some good downloads.

Prophecy Reformation Institute: John Noe’s site where you can read some of his articles and order his books.


Trinity Foundation: This Dallas-based ministry helps the poor, but is probably most known for its relentless pursuit in exposing seedy televangelists.  Will certainly stir you to think.

Voice of the Martyrs: This organization is one of the best at keeping us informed on the sufferings or our brothers and sisters around the world!

We Hold These Truths: seeks to alert Christians to the damage being done to the Palestinians by Christian Zionism.  You may not like the politics, but please let it stimulate you to think!

Study Helps

Biblical Archeology: A site devoted to, well, archeology of the Bible.   Worth a visit!

Blue Letter Bible: Good resource for Bible searches, commentaries, maps, etc.

Early Christian Writings: Good site to find biblical and non-biblical writings of the first through third centuries.  I don’t agree with the dating of some of the documents, though.

Health and Nutrition

Hallelujah Acres: Goes a little overboard in their belief of God’s sanction on their diet, but excellent for those looking to heal nutritionally.

Jay Robb: Jay is a nutritionist who developed his dietary philosophy while trying to whip hypoglycemia.

Miscellaneous (that is, I can’t think of where these ought to go!)

The Door Magazine: Christian “satire?”  This crowd skewers some sacred cows in a hilarious (offensive?) format.  I could get into trouble for this one.

Truth or Fiction:  Do you want to know if that e-mail of Bill Gates giving out money is phoney or not?  How about Madalyn Murray O’Hair’s (posthumous?) crusades against Christianity?


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