Answering “The ‘Preterist’ Heresy”

By Timothy King

In early June of 2003, I received a newsletter from the Sword of the Spirit Apologetics, headed by Larry Hall, at that time based right here in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Larry is a lay apologist and has written on Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Masonic Lodge and the Word of Faith movement.  This latest newsletter had a more personal tone (Larry was a friend and member of my church. Larry took up the subject of “The ‘Preterist’ Heresy.”

My own personal opinion of the article is that it is written in a mocking, condescending attitude and is full of cartoonish portrayals of preterists.  It swims freely in the pool of slander as Larry associates preterists with the likes of Jim Jones and the Heaven’s Gate cults.

But that’s just my opinion.  I would encourage you to get a copy of the newsletter, but I don’t think the Sword of the Spirit Apologetics is in existence anymore.  I did a Google search which yielded nothing. If anyone has information otherwise, please let us know. Each article I’ve written can stand alone and you can read between the lines to discern the content. (If anyone balks at me critiquing a non-existent newsletter, I have a hard copy in my files).

I feel the need to respond for several reasons, not all of which I will bore you with here.  The chief reason is that I at one time considered Larry as a friend.  He did offer me encouragement on more than one occasion and for that I remember him fondly.  But, for what reason I’m not sure, Larry felt it necessary to turn against me in a particularly vicious manner after I came to embrace the doctrine of preterism.

I hope that these answers may bring him to consider his position — not that he would agree with me in my eschatology, but that he would at least realize that there was no reason regard me as an enemy.  I would love to be friends with him again.  Larry, I hope you might consider what I am writing here and see that the Spirit of love in Christ need not quenched because of my preterism.  God bless.

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